We are a company of software, telecom and business experts helping clients to optimise and fully digitise their billing, fulfilment and other back end processes.

IT is a critical component of every business. Systems should be flexible, allowing for changing business needs as ventures scale.

With our approach, business processes are placed at the very centre and IT choices are made to serve the processes, not the other way round. This fully digitalises and automates businesses, giving them the ultimate flexibility to shape new products and services.

Giving power back to business

Problems with existing Business Support Systems and legacy IT set-ups have bothered us for years. These systems made it difficult – sometimes even impossible – to design and launch new services and businesses efficiently. Often, due to complex monolithic systems, only IT departments fully understand how processes work, so business leaders struggle to innovate.

We have developed an approach which gives clients full visibility and control of running their businesses by creating layer between different software systems. We turn even the most complex systems into process models which are an easily understandable interface between business and developers.

Benefits of our process-driven approach

Coding can be minimised, saving time, budget and resources.


The solution doesn’t limit processes or service innovations – it’s designed for growth.


There’s no dependency for any single product or component, any part can be easily changed.


Processes models are self-sustainable, and there’s no need for separate documentation explaining how the system works.


Real-time and historical views of the process states enable continuous development of the business.


If you’d like to know more about our approach and how we can help your business, please get in touch and we can set up a consultation.

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